Strengthens Supply Chain and Enables Uninterrupted Product Delivery

Chandler, AZ – January 7, 2021 – Ticer Technologies, a manufacturer and marketer of TCR® thin film embedded resistor foil, announced today that it has completed the acquisition of manufacturing assets from another global manufacturing corporation.

Ticer is now operating the vacuum deposition/sputtering production equipment. All processes, equipment and raw materials will continue to be the same during the ownership transition. The high quality TCR® Thin-Film Resistor copper foil products offered by Ticer will remain unchanged.

“As we begin 2021, Ticer Technologies is pleased to be in a stronger position technically, have greater flexibility and expanded capacity for volume business growth.  We are looking forward to offering our expanded benefits to our global customer base.” said Ticer President David Burgess.

About Ticer Technologies

Ticer Technologies manufactures thin film resistor materials uniquely suited to meet the challenges posed with new designs, low loss dielectrics, and increased performance requirements for current and future digital and RF designs. More information, including design aids, can be found at