A Case for Multiple Sheet Resistivities for Thin Film Embedded Resistor Packaging Applications

Hasegawa, C.; Hilburn, R. and Wang, J. (2008)

In this paper, the use of multiple sheet resistivities and their practical use is discussed. Low ohm/square material (i.e. 10 or 25 OPS) used in combination with the 1000 OPS is compared to a bill of materials with terminating and pull-up/down and the capture potential. The introduction of a 1000 ohm/square thin film embedded resistor material for this and other applications is also covered.

Thin Film Embedded Resistor Processing in Sequential Lamination Printed Circuit Manufacturing

Hilburn, R.; Parsons, D.; Wang, J.; and Zhang, S. (2007)

In this paper, the processing sequence and benefits of thin film embedded resistors in sequential build-up constructions are presented.

Non-Classical Conductor Losses Due to Copper Foil Roughness and Treatment

Brist, G.; Clouser, S.; Hall, S; and Liang, T. (2005)

This paper presents the results for a set of high-frequency loss characterizations across various copper foils and the impact of the copper roughness on the relationship between conductor loss and frequency. Also discussed in this paper are the implications in high-frequency modeling resulting from non-classical conductor losses and the requirements to ensure causality in simulation results.

Power Dissipation of Embedded Resistors

Clouser, S.; Davis, M.; Hilburn, R. and Wang, J.  (2003)

In this paper, we present our experimental and finite element analysis (FEA) simulation results on the power dissipation ability of embedded resistors. These results can be used as design guidelines for embedded resistors.

Stress Effects on Thin Film Nichrome Embedded Resistor Tolerance

Clouser, S.; Hilburn, R. and Wang, J. (2003)

Both the packaging and environmental stresses can change the value and tolerance of an embedded resistor. This work examines the effects of these process and environmental stresses on the ability of laser trimmed embedded thin film nickel-chromium alloy resistors to maintain value and tolerance.

Manufacturing Embedded Resistors

Clouser, S.; Greenlee, B.; Hilburn, R. and Wang, J. (2002)

This paper reviews data from Gould Electronics on the effects of specific processing factors on the overall tolerance of the resistor, and describes the board fabricator’s process development for reducing resistor variation and improving yields.

Thin Film Embedded Resistors

Clouser, S. and Wang, J. (2001)

This paper compares two nickel-chromium materials in their etching methodologies, uniformity, power handling, thermal performance, adhesion and etching resolution.