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Ticer Technologies manufactures high-performance, thin-film embedded resistor copper foil for digital and RF printed circuit boards.

Ticer’s next-generation technology for embedded resistors is uniquely suited to meet the challenges posed by new designs, materials and increased performance requirements – such as high-frequency response and form-factor reduction – for current and future electronic packages. Enhanced by the capability and reliability of TCR® family of products, Ticer’s solutions utilize the latest in advanced laminate systems.

High-Performance, Thin-Film Embedded Resistor Copper Foil


TCR® is an embedded resistor technology that decreases form factor, increases available space for active components, reduces weight and improves product performance.

TCR EHF® embedded resistor foil combines all of the benefits of our standard TCR® with a smooth ED copper foil enabling the lowest possible insertion loss characteristics for embedded resistor foils.