TICER-logo-10years-forweb-new-footerTicer Technologies, a manufacturer of high-performance, thin-film embedded resistor copper foil for digital and RF printed circuit boards, marks its 10th anniversary on March 7, 2016.

Founded in 1884 under the name Gould Electronic Materials, the company became the industry’s premier manufacturer of electrodeposited copper foil. In 1999, Gould developed TCR®, a revolutionary new thin-film foil product for embedding resistors in electronic packages. This next-generation material provided solutions for new, aggressive applications and the ever-changing performance demands of advanced printed circuit boards.

In 2005, Gould’s parent company, Nippon Mining & Metals Co., discontinued its U.S. operations. Soon after, Ticer Technologies was formed by the core team at Gould that had been vital to the development and commercialization of TCR. Through their efforts, Ticer continues to expand the acceptance of TCR across multiple electronic markets and applications.

Over the years, Ticer has developed unique partnerships with the industry’s leading laminators to ensure a flexible and robust distribution channel. Additionally, Ticer’s facility has expanded to include in-house analytical tools and processing equipment, which allows Ticer to implement continued improvement and new product development.

“Ticer Technologies is proud of its ten-year track record of delivering thin-film embedded resistors to the RF printed circuit board industry,” said Dave Burgess, president at Ticer. “Over the next decade, we have significant plans to continue to expand the acceptance of TCR on an international scale and provide substantial additional value to our clients.”